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What is Powder Brow?

The powder brow technique implants pigment gently into the skin using a handheld machine and a needle. The technique is very similar to a tattoo, however unlike a traditional tattoo that goes deep into the dermis and is heavily saturated, the pigment is placed just under the epidermis and is given a powdery effect giving it a soft and airy look.

Powder brow techniques are much more gentle to the skin than the older technique of microblading which cuts incisions into the skin and over saturates the skin with pigment and often causes extreme scarring.


Key benefits to powder brow are:

  • Less trauma to the skin

  • Lasts longer than traditional microblading (2-5 years)

  • Works with all skin types

  • Less possible scarring

  • Less painful

  • Suitable for all ages

What is permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic tattoo procedure hat gives you eyeliner without dealing with the struggle of dealing with makeup every morning. 

Eyeliner is fully customized to you, your lifestyle, and your preferences. Say goodbye to smeared liner and hello to fresh, crisp liner every morning. 

People who are not candidates for permanent makeup services

*must be 18+ to receive powder brow services from The Luxxy Co

  • Diabetic

  • Nursing or pregnant

  • Viral infections

  • Epilepsy

  • Some cardiac diseases (i.e. pacemakers)

  • Liver disease

  • Autoimmune diseases (i.e. lupus)

  • Chemo therapy within the last 6 months (no chemo for 6 months and have a doctor approval)

  • History of keloid scarring

  • Allergy to lidocaine 

  • Have used accutane within the last year

  • Skin conditions in the area (i.e. psoriasis, acne, eczema, vitiligo)

  • Organ transplant

  • Taking blood thinners (needs doctor approval)

  • Currently on Accutane 

Pre-care: what to do to prepare for your appointment (you will receive reminders before your appointment)

  • Do not consume alcohol OR caffeine 24 hours prior to your appointment

  • No excessive sweating 24 hours prior. This means no tanning beds, exercise, or saunas.

  • Unless medically necessary, stop use of medications and/or supplements that thin the blood such as; fish oils, herbals, vitamin E, Asprin, Coumadin, Tylenol, Niacin, Ibprofen. (written permission from a doctor is needed 

  • Stop use of Retinol, Retin-A, and Retinoids at least 7 days prior to appointment. The use of these products should be avoided for 30 days after the treatment as well. Use of these products on and around the brow area after service is provided will cause premature fading of your pigment.

  • You must be off of Accutane for at least 1 year prior to service

  • Blemishes such as acne, burns, cuts, and skin irritations will need to be fully healed before service can be provided

  • Stop use of any brow or lash growth serums 4 weeks prior to proceedure

  • Fillers and Botox should be done 4+ before or 4+ weeks after the service

FAQ: What should I know before I arrive?

  • You do not need to wax or tweeze your brows prior to the appointment, your brows will be shaped and sculpted at the time of your service

  • If you have a specific way you like your brows, you are more than welcome to come with your brows "on". We cannot guarantee that we will match your shape, however we will assess and shape accordingly. No brows are ever begun before the guest is FULLY happy with the pre-drawn shape that we map out for you at the tome of service

  • It is extremely rare, but allergic reactions to the pigments are possible. This could be delayed or immediate.

  • Hormone therapies can affect the pigment color and saturation

Post Care: I got my brows, now what?

  • Directly after the service you will be given a clean cotton round to blot your brows every 30-60 seconds for the next 30 minutes to an hour. We want to do this to make sure that we aren't letting lymph fluid build up and cause scabbing.

  • You will keep the area clean by washing your brows twice a day (morning and night) GENTLY. We recommend going home with the aftercare that we suggest, however castle soap works wonders as well. We recommend using a cotton round and swiping gently in the direction of hair growth and then rinsing with lukewarm water and patting dry. Try your best not to let get too wet before they are fully healed. This means avoiding long, steamy showers. A quick wash at the sink is all your brows need during this time. Incorrect aftercare will cause pigment to pull prematurely from the skin and cause excessive patchiness. 

  • Using a cotton swab, apply a small amount of the after care cream that was provided directly after washing. You dont want to let the brows dry out completely; the gol here is to keep them moist. If you feel like you need some extra soothing or moisture, you can use: aquaphore or A&D. You can also use witch hazel and aloe to sooth the area. 

  • DO NOT pick, pull, or rub the area. If you have any scabs build up, let them fall off naturally to avoid losing pigment in that area. 

  • You must completely avoid direct sunlight & tanning beds for at least 30 post procedure. Direct sun will cause the pigment to fade and change and can cause hyper pigmentation.

  • Avoid sweating for 10-14 days (until area is fully healed). This means exercise, saunas, hot tubs, and hot weather. 

  • Do not apply makeup or any other skincare to the area until fully healed. 

  • Once fully healed, use an SPF to help avoid fading caused by UV exposure.

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